Our sustainable homes are designed to be energy efficient, healthy for the families who live in them, and durable. Although we are in constant search of new technologies to complement our current practices in creating greener homes, our common objective is that our green homes are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by using recyclable materials and reducing waste.

Energy Efficiency is achieved by applying open or closed cell sprayed foam insulation on all exterior walls and in the attic. In addition to providing a higher insulation R-Value, this application allows the building envelope to become completely sealed controlling air leakage; furthermore, it serves as a vapor barrier and/or vapor permeability, it is mold resistant, and it may add structural reinforcement and strength to the building.

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AnyConv.com Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are made of a recyclable material, but most importantly, it makes your home safer in harsh weather conditions, it can significantly cut down on your energy bills, it will likely last a lifetime, and it is practically maintenance-free.

Engineered Wood Trusses are structurally stronger than joists and rafters built on site, but more importantly, they require significantly less lumber to manufacture them, resulting in less waste and construction debris; therefore, it is a much more environmentally friendly construction material.