Architecture for Charity was founded by Mario E. Morales in 2008. Mr. Morales presently holds the position of President and CEO. He has structured the organization from the very beginning, including, the production of architectural designs, selection of adequate and sustainable construction materials, program structuring and the selection of the Board members and staff.

Mr. Morales was born in Lima, Peru and migrated into the United States with mother and sister at an early age. He grew up in South Florida and studied Architecture at the University of Florida and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Once graduated, Mr. Morales moved to Miami, Florida to practice Architecture and teach Architectural Design at Miami Dade College and Florida International University. Through the years of practice, Mr. Morales became an Entrepreneur in the field of Architecture, Construction and Real Estate Brokerage.

He owned and managed design firms and a real estate brokerage firm. Real estate investing, selling real estate and designing for the wealthy became his business for several years. Even though his position as a Professor of Architecture and entrepreneurship became successful, he was still in search of something even more rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful using his God giving talents, knowledge, and experience.

For several years, Mr. Morales would travel to the City of Brownsville, Texas every year to visit a long-time friend, on his Priesthood Anniversary, Father Francisco Acosta, who is currently Pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and former member of the Board of Directors with Architecture for Charity. In the year 2007, right after Hurricane Dolly hit Brownsville, Mr. Morales and Father Acosta were able to witness the unfortunate devastation caused by the hurricane. Mr. Morales then realized the level of poverty Brownsville had and the number of families that were affected due to the lack of adequate housing. After doing some research, Mr. Morales recognized that Brownsville is the city with one of the highest rate of poverty in the United States. After careful analysis of the situation, Mr. Morales decided to open a non-profit organization that would cater to the low-income community by providing design, development, and construction of energy efficient affordable homes for qualified low-income families. As the world believes, “Architecture Services” is usually perceived as something the rich and the wealthy can only afford; Architecture for Charity has changed this perception. 

Beautiful architecture and functional spaces can also be designed and built for those who cannot afford the services of an Architect. With this in mind, and research on the subject, Mr. Morales implemented a program that allows low-income families to have an opportunity of becoming part of the whole construction process of their new home from beginning to end for the purpose of achieving the American Dream.

With the help of Father Acosta, the community, and the City of Brownsville, Architecture for Charity became a reality by implementing its first self-help / sweat equity program in which families became physically involved in the construction process of their new home. This program became a success, and it helped the company grow allowing it to provide other programs that help low-income families achieve home ownership.

Architecture for Charity is fully committed to designing and building homes with the responsibility in mind that these homes must be safe, aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and energy efficient

Mr. Morales’ mission is to take this program to other cities and communities in need and eventually around the world. Architecture for Charity is now headquartered in Dallas, Texas where it continues to design and develop single family homes in addition to now becoming involved in the design and development of multi-family projects helping low-income families with affordable rental.


Architecture for Charity is committed to taking the lead in design, construction, and development of affordable homes. Our product and service must surpass our client’s expectations by always delivering the absolute best in terms of providing suitable financing programs, innovative designs, sustainable construction, and energy efficiency. We are in business to help low-income families achieve the dream of homeownership by providing the maximum means of affordable financing and affordable home maintenance for long term savings allowing families to grow out of poverty and into financial comfort.