We are currently working with local governments to implements the Self-Help Program in combination with the Homebuyer Assistance Program in an effort to achieve maximum savings by lowering the mortgage financing amount. For more information about the Dallas Homebuyer’s Assistance Program with the City of Dallas, click below.

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Through our projects and programs, we can offer our applicants the Dallas Homebuyer’s Assistance Program (DHAP). This program is designed to help qualified low-income families with down payment and closing costs. For more information about this program, click below.

Previous Programs

Our previous programs have helped over 100 families achieve the American dream of homeownership. Our most popular and successful program has been the Self-Help Program, where families get physically involved in the construction process with the intention of achieving substantial savings in labor. Depending on work performed by families, labor savings may be between 20% - 50% which reduces the final construction cost. This final cost is converted into the permanent mortgage loan; the more savings equals to a lower mortgage loan monthly payment.

Upcoming Programs

New programs will be announced soon