Architecture is usually perceived as something the rich and the wealthy can only afford.  Architecture for Charity has changed this perception.  Beautiful architecture and functional spaces can also be designed and built for those who cannot afford the services of an Architect.

We have changed the perception of what affordable housing should look like.  As designers and builders, we are in constant search for new building systems and technology to further enhance our selection of materials and improve our means and methods of construction to further increase sustainability, energy efficiency, and quality of life.  This notion will change family’s and individual’s lifestyles and perception of architectural beauty forever.


For the past twelve (12) years, Architecture for Charity of Texas, Inc. (AFC) has been designing, developing, and building single family homes for approved low-income families.  Our mission is to design and build energy efficient homes that can be maintained at low cost.  Additionally, AFC’s goal is to revolutionize the affordable housing industry.  Since we started back in 2008, we have been designing and building homes that are not perceived as affordable or as low-income housing.  Our exclusive home designs are architecturally pleasing and energy efficient.  We currently have an extensive portfolio of home design models to offer our applicants.  All of our designs are unique in style offering exclusive architectural features at an affordable price. 

AFC has developed and built, through several programs, over 120 homes.  We have been partners with the City of Brownsville (COB), Cameron County and Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) engaging in Self-help and Single-Family Development Projects including Subdivision Infrastructure Development.  As part of our growth strategy, we are now headquartered in Dallas and have expanded our services by establishing new partnerships with the City of Dallas (COD) and Dallas County.  In addition to our single-family development programs, we are engaging in the design and development of multi-family affordable housing in partnership with experienced for-profit developers.

As we perform on current projects, we are always thinking ahead onto our next projects.  Our short- and long-term goals allow us to plan for the next 12 months, next three (3) and five (5) years.  We do not just focus on one project, but instead, a pipeline of projects not letting too much time lapse between them.  Our goal is to start developing and building an average of 25 to 30 homes per year and increase that number by 10-20% in the following year.  Additionally, within the next three years, we plan to participate in the development of our first multi-family affordable housing project.

Our continued success depends on maintaining a close relationship and constant communication with our stakeholders including participating Jurisdictions such as COB, COD and TDHCA.  Furthermore, we must continue to offer a unique product through great service at an affordable price.  We are always looking to improve our services and designs in order to continue helping low-income families in the best possible way.